Launching Tech4Good Scotland

By Beth Mukushi on 30th May 2018

I like meetups.

I like that they are informal.

I like that I can learn new things.

And most of all I like that I meet people who care about the same things that I do - it inspires me to be better.

We identified a gap in Scotland a few years ago for people who also like meetups, and want to know more about how charities can benefit from digital technology and new ways of working.

We established the One Digital meetup, under the umbrella of TechSoup, and the network has grown to 500 members. We have run 40 meetups across Scotland on topics ranging from website building to culture change.

The aim was always for us (team digi at SCVO) to step back from organising the events and to allow groups to develop in a way that suits local interests and needs.

hat time has now come, and we are focusing on slightly more focused support through a range of services- click on the links below to find out more, or sign up to our regular e-bulletin:

We would like to see the network continue to grow and thrive, and Eli from Techsoup is on hand to offer support to any local groups that want to take up the mantle.

Why Start a #Tech4Good Meetup Group?

NetSquared is a volunteer-led program of TechSoup that builds the technology and digital marketing capacity of non-profits through networking and training events. Organisers plan monthly meetups, but you don't need to be a tech expert. As a volunteer organiser, your role is to be the host, manage the venue and recruit guest speakers who will present case studies and share best practices.

As a NetSquared organiser, you will become known as someone who's a leader in the tech for good community. Hosting events will build your reputation, develop new tech skills, and give back to your community.... and give you reason to hang out with other cool people!

Excited?  Get started with these two steps:

  1. Fill out the application form:
  2. Schedule me for an orientation call:

And you won’t be planning events alone! I’ll be here to support you, as will the other organisers hosting their own local meetups in more than 120 cities worldwide.