#OneDigital Action Learning Sets

By Jacqui Taylor (Chief Executive, Lifelink - Your Life | Your Space) on 9th May 2016

I’m Jacqui Taylor, CEO of Lifelink and I’m delighted to have joined colleagues and senior leaders across Scotland in the One Digital Action Learning Sets and lead on Lifelink’s digital connectivity projects. Sound’s great but what does digital connectivity for Lifelink really mean? Well, I might be better placed to answer that over the coming weeks as I improve my own knowledge of the digital world and its capabilities, but today, what I believe it means is simply this….

Enhancedservice delivery through digital structures and delivery ofinnovative services that meet the needs of our clientsand offers customer choice; enhancedcommunication across oursites; streamlinedprocessesand procedures; and up-skilledstaff’s knowledge onthe benefits of digital solutions and opportunities.

I was delighted to secure a place on the action learning sets even though I’m slightly out of my comfort zone, well perhaps a little more out of my comfort zone than I’d admit to! I’m more familiar with Mailchimp (although I have to admit to calling it chipmunk on occasion) and Hootsuite, not only do I know the terms, I actually know their purpose – now that’s progress!

The action learning sets have helped me realise that as CEO, it’s OK that I don’t know the technical detail, it’s OK that I don’t have all the answers as that’s where the action learning sets will really come into their own. I know we already deliver innovative services, I know we are solution focused and know that we’d all love to make life and the endless paperwork, just a little simpler and less of a burden. In addition, we also want to share our successes, our client stories and digital for Lifelink is most definitely the way forward.

So what’s been happening since joining the action learning set in February:

  • I’ve met some really inspiring people with similar challenges.
  • As a Leadership Team here at Lifelink, we’ve identified a number of digital connectivity themes.
  • We’ve developed a draft action plan and a timeline.
  • I’ve just written by first ever blog!

I hope that gives you a flavour of the journey so far, albeit a relatively brief summary from what I’ve picked up so far.

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