#OneDigital Participants Making Waves: The Western Isles

By Annmarie Fowler on 9th May 2016

I had the privilege of attending One Digital training sessions in Stornoway on 3rd and 4th May, 2016

As I am in my sixties and I am part of a generation of people who do not find that the use of Digital gadgets and tools comes naturally to us. Indeed, their use often stresses us or at least makes us nervous. I have to commend the kindness and sensitivity of our Tutors. Craig's method of teaching was relaxed and the session was so wonderfully planned that it made us all feel relaxed; it catered to all age groups and all levels of understanding.

I was thrilled to learn the basics of Digital and to have my questions answered so well. In a progressive way, the information required for the whole of the module built into a clear, comprehensive, workable and easily remembered knowledge that I can continue to use and develop for the rest of my life! Considering that I verged upon technophobe at the outset, that is no mean feat!

I set myself the personal goal of making a website by myself, without the support of family members. I felt so confident after the first day that I went home determined and I'm so happy to say that it is now a work in progress!! Throughout the two days, Craig and Jo offered many suggestions and solutions to any stumbling blocks or potential problems we envisaged. This included suggestions which were answers to the unique challenges of an Island community.

My next plan is to look into Customer Relations Management tools: SugarCRM, Google Analytics, Google Drive, SurveyMonkey, MailChimp and more! I will also pursue further education, and fully make use of the support, guidance and suggestions of the One Digital team, who I understand will follow up these two wonderful days with offers of further help.

I'm grateful to have attended and to have met Craig and Jo. I know it has changed my thinking and I hope to encourage many more people in my age bracket and beyond to see the value of working with Digital and Making Digital Work for them!




*If you would like to get involved in the One Digital training please take a look at our webpage for more information.