Telling the world why #ilovecharity

By David McNeill on 5th May 2016


Voting for the People’s Choice in the Scottish Charity Awards is well underway and we’ve already had an incredible reaction to it, with thousands of people casting their vote each day.

With the finalists doing such amazing work with individuals and communities across Scotland, we wanted to provide an opportunity for people to share their experiences of the impact they’ve had. We’ve therefore linked up our new GoodHQ digital platform with the Charity Awards voting process.

Good HQ is our new digital platform to enable charities and causes they care about by sharing experiences and discovering new ways to get involved. While the site is currently in beta, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by to capture and share these great stories of the positive work charities are doing across Scotland.

How does this all work? If people are voting for a specific organisation, rather than an individual or partnership, they’ll be asked if they want to leave a comment about why they voted. Voters will then be taken through to GoodHQ to share their story.

Here’s just a couple of the powerful stories which have been left in the past few days:

“I voted forSaheliyain the 2016 Scottish Charity Awards because Saheliya was the only one who was there for me during the extremely darkest times of my life. A time of suffering, despair, agony and fear. Then, Saheliya lit up a torch and led me to the path of safety. Furthermore, they taught me how to make and light my own torch! Whatever I say, it won't be enough to show my deep appreciation. Sahleiya: Thank you for saving me.”

“I voted forEuan's Guidein the 2016 Scottish Charity Awards because My husband was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last year and is no longer able to drive or fly for a holiday and as I only drive within a 30 - 40 mile radius it was great for us to be able to have a few days away at Homelands in Lundin Links which caters for all kinds of disabilities. Although it was only Half an Hours drive to get there we were able to please ourselves what we did and went out for our main meal every day. We would recommend Homelands to anyone with a disability of any kind and god willing we would love to go back. Euan's Guide is a great place to see where accommodation is available.”

Check out GoodHQ now to find out more great things people are saying about the Charity Awards finalists.

Remember to cast your vote and leave your comment by Friday 13th May.