#OneDigital Participants Making Waves: South Lanarkshire

By Fiona Lamont on 16th May 2016

I attended SCVO’s Making Digital Everyday training session in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire on 12th April 2016.

What I learnt from the One Digital day is best described in the title: Making Digital Everyday. I am really looking forward to teaching basic digital skills to my fellow members at the Chill Out Club in Hamilton. The biggest thing I took from the day is that everyone has different learning styles and consequently any sessions that I hold for members should be done on a one-to-one basis. There is so much help available on the web and I'm looking forward to incorporating this in any sessions I provide.

I'm now so very motivated and champing at the bit to help members of the group become digitally savvy; whether it's on their smart phones, tablets, laptops or other devices. I am confident that I can gear the teaching in such a way that it is interesting for everyone at the Chill Out Club.

Since being on the course and waiting for the course material to come through, I’ve been thinking about and planning the sessions I will carry out with our members. I look forward to seeing them become more confident using digital devices. This will help to make their lives easier and more straightforward. Club members have been busy calling me over the past week, asking about the course and telling me that they are looking forward to becoming adept in the world of computers and similar devices.

My action plan for now is to complete the Making Digital Everyday eModule and then to run a digital afternoon at the Chill Out Club during May. I’ll also be keeping in touch with my One Digital buddy and meeting up at Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire (VASLan) to compare action plan notes and to learn from each other. I’m especially lucky as my buddy happens to work in IT for VASLan. What with their support and SCVO's support combined, I can’t go wrong!

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*If you would like to get involved in the One Digital training please take a look at our webpage for more information.