Hey trustees! Are you setting the digital direction?

By Sally Dyson on 25th Jan 2016

The media is again rife with how some are perceiving that charity trustee’s should be more on top of their game. That’s a bold, broad-brush statement to make and one which I don’t think does anyone any favours.

However, I do think it highlights two very strong points –

1: Within charities the buck stops with the trustees.[1]

2: Every so often, we all need to stand back, take stock and give ourselves a bit of a shake-up. This could fit in with a new year resolution; spring-clean or even – back to school prep. Whenever you choose to do it – how about thinking of how you use digital across your organisation?

  • Is it something that the staff and volunteer team leads on and you begrudgingly receive emailed board papers rather than a nice printed copy?
  • Do you get regular email updates from the team which keep you in touch with activity – enabling you to govern more effectively?
  • Do you understand and champion the use of social media across the organisation?
  • Do you have some whizzy way of accessing an on-line portal to keep in touch and access papers and information?
  • Do you have a trustee who’s a digital champion and leading the thinking around some game changing disruptive technology?
  • Are your service users slap bang at the heart of helping you understand how digital can help you to help them?

Whichever of those questions chimes with you here are a few resources which might help:

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[1] I paraphrase